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WITHOUT Hiring More Admin Staff
WITHOUT Getting An HR Diploma

"Do it Quickly - Do It Once - Save Your Business $1000's"
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Speaker For This Webinar:
STEVE OWEN - National Award Winning Business HR Coach
Steve is the designer of the HR Turbo Strategy. After over 22 years of hands on management and HR experience it struck Steve that the methods used in the industry now mean well, but are now so complex, expensive, time consuming and daunting that business managers give it a low priority. Unfortunately, this in itself costs money as staff become less engaged, morale and productivity drops and valuable people move on. 

Steve devised these strategies to enable SME management to align HR to a proactive framework, find and fix what is wrong quickly and then manage it almost on autopilot. Steve's ability to get across this message without jargon and corporate speak is one of his great talents.
What You Will Learn In This Training...
This webinar will assist anyone in business with the responsibility for organising and managing staff - business owners with little HR knowledge, managers who need help with their people skills and HR professionals who have the tools and the knowledge but don't have the structure.

BONUS - Attend the webinar and stay right to the end to receive a free gift worth $497!
Secret #1: 
The TRUE Cost of Doing Nothing
What do unhappy staff not being productive cost you? What does sacking the bad ones cost? On average you are looking at $50,000 EACH! A head in the sand attitude costs your business a small fortune.
Secret #2: 
The HR "Conspiracy"
HR should be simple but it is now a multi billion dollar industry. Now, much of what you are told to do you don't need. It is money in a consultant's pocket! WHY don't consultants ever seem to finish a project and WHY do they always find something else to fix?
Secret #3: 
How To Fix it All in 5 Steps
Don't be overawed by the complexities. Have a framework and an action plan and "follow the bouncing ball" - it can fall into place within weeks. You don't need a diploma or more admin staff!
Webinar capacity strictly limited to 100. Once we're full the doors are closed.
Alan - Restaurant Owner, North Sydney
"I was coaxed by a large recruitment agency to part with $80,000 to get staff for my cafe. Steve showed me how I could have done the same thing for less than $5000!"
Trent - Business Manager, Gosford
After 12 months of implementing Steve's framework and strategies we measured the reduction in staff turnover. It was down by 7% and had saved us over $300,000!
Scott - Managing Director, Maitland
"I have always had trouble with performance management as it just seemed too complicated. Steve showed our team that it really is quite simple if you just manage what needs to be managed. The staff appreciate it too."
Katrina - HR Manager, Brisbane
"By using a framework we not only have peace of mind in regards to our risk, we also have a continuous improvement program that is not a fad in the business."
Christine - Manager, Newcastle
"Our previous business consultant was with us for over 3 years, they may as well have been on the payroll and cost us into six figures! Steve pulled us into line within a couple of months."
Michelle - Cafe Owner, Newcastle
"Steve is awesome! He speaks in a way I can understand and has me focussing on outcomes that I can implement quickly."
Melissa - HR Professional, Sydney
"Valuable learning experience for me - after 2 years doing my Diploma I found I had the skills, but not the experience to use them properly without guidance. Working with Steve on planning has made my job so much easier!"
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